Windows Server Backup & More

Our Server Edition provides fast, easy, secure, and flexible backup for Windows and Linux-based servers. Powered by storage options from cloud leaders Visual Safe gives you reliable off-site cloud based backup for your critical company data.

  • Secure backup for Windows and Linux
  • Unlimited Storage at $1.00 per GB
  • Advanced compression and de-duplication
  • Easy management on Windows or Linux
  • Pay only for what you use - no tiered pricing
  • Secure AES-256 encryption
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Easy file restores
  • Cloud storage for maximum redundancy
  • No file size limits
  • No long term commitments
  • No minimum storage fees

Save time and money with Backup Vaults.

Designed specifically for server backups, Backup Vaults offer block-level compression and data de-duplication making backups more efficient and reducing storage costs 10 – 20x compared to traditional backup solutions.

Easy remote management.

Manage your data from anywhere with any PC or Linux-based computer using the our Server Management Client. Install it on multiple admin machines at no additional cost.

Restore files from any backup.

Set a retention period and rest assured that you can restore your data to its exact state at any backup during that window. Point in time recoveries made easy!

Enterprise grade encryption.

Because we create your AES-256 encryption key, your data is encrypted before you upload it and remains safely encrypted while stored and restoring.

Cloud Based Storage Options

Truly unlimited cloud based data storage. Unlimited and unrestricted with our pay as you go storage options in the cloud. Storage and data redundancy by cloud leaders is now more affordable then ever before.!

Performance, Speed, and Reliability

With advanced features like Block Level Compression and Data De-Duplication this version of Visual Safe is faster and more stable then any thus far. With no file size limitations or vault storage limits your storage is truly unrestricted.

Remote Monitoring & Reporting

All backups are professionally monitored on a daily basis. With our trained technicians we will notify you if you miss backups or if we see failures occurring during your backups.