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The Server Edition is a product from that is targeted at the Online Server Backup market for Windows and Linux servers.

Server Edition Key Features
  • Support for very large files (no file size or backup size limits)
  • Block-level de-duplication
  • Compression
  • Efficient support for backing up lots of small files
  • Remote management from any Mac, Windows, or Linux PC
  • Block-level incremental backups
  • Full extended filesystem information backups (permissions, special files, etc)
  • Multiple upload connections for increased throughput
  • AES‐256 encryption with user-controlled key

The Server Edition is a product from that is targeted at the Online Server Backup market for Windows and Linux servers.

  • The product allows server administrators to backup files and directories from their servers onto the Cloud Storage service we provide.
  • The Server Edition includes a brand new Backup Engine with a number of significant improvements:

** The Server Edition does not include the Network Drive feature nor does it support Web Access to backed up files (files must be restored using the Server Edition software.

Server Edition Key Features

Backup Vaults
  • The Server Edition introduces the new concept of a Backup Vault, where your backup data resides for a single computer.
  • A Backup Vault exists within an Online Disk. A single account can have multiple Online Disks (which may be at different cloud providers), and each Online Disk can have multiple Backup Vaults (multiple computers backing up into the same Online Disk).
  • Only a single server can backup into a specific Backup Vault – each server you are backing up needs its own Backup Vault. However, if you replace a server, you can “take over” the old server’s Backup Vault to avoid having to re-upload any data that was already backed up.
  • You can Restore from any Backup Vault, even one being used by a different server.

Backup History / Backup Cleanup
  • In the Server Edition, versioning is handled on a per-backup run basis. This allows you to restore a file or set of files “as they existed” at a specific backup time.
  • In the Restore Dialog you can select to restore files from the most recent backup, or a specific backup in your Backup History.
  • The length of time Backups are kept is controlled by the Retention Period, which can be set on a per-backup-job basis in the Backup Options (default is 7 days). You can optionally disable the Retention Period, which will keep all data from all previous backups indefinitely.
  • Once a week a Backup Cleanup process occurs which removes data from backups that are older than your retention period. Only data which was no longer present in a later backup will be removed. Those old backups will no longer appear in the Restore Dialog after the Backup Cleanup process.

Remote Management / Gateway Service
  • The Server Edition is designed to be managed remotely from any Mac, Windows, or Linux PC.
  • There is a separate Server Management client that is used for managing Server Edition instances.
  • When starting the Server Management client, you need to log in with your Visual Safe account, after which you will see a list of the Servers currently running Visual Safe Server Edition on your account. You can select a server to connect to and configure / manage it.
  • Connections are routed through a Visual Safe hosted Gateway Service which makes it possible to connect to and manage your servers securely from anywhere. A secure SSL tunnel is established from your desktop to the server machine, and all traffic passes between them encrypted.
  • Once you have connected to a server, the Server Management interface is very simple to configure backups, view backup history, restore files, etc
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